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Adobe Shockwave Player Version

Adobe Shockwave Player Version

Adobe Shockwave Player is an additional powerful runtime to display various multimedia interactive web content such as games, business presentations, entertainment, and advertisements from your web browser.

Install Adobe Shockwave Player and you will get access to the best material on the internet created by Adobe Director. Unlike Adobe Flash, Shockwave Player is able to display more interactive web content, demos, training and more.

The function or usefulness of Adobe Shockwave is to play multimedia content that is available on the blog or website that we are visiting. And Adobe Shockwave is a technology program that functions the same as Adobe Flash Player, but is more specifically for the needs of 3-dimensional devices, such as games or demos.

The difference and function, namely Shockwave, he runs games or videos that require VGA capabilities and of course requires DirectX, such as DirectX 9. While the function of Adobe Flash Player is to see everything related to flash, such as .SWF, .FLV files.

If we enter sites such as Youtube or so on which have many animations that generally have the extension ".swf", sometimes we are asked to activate or install Adobe Shockwave Player on our browser so that we can play animated content and so on properly. This Adobe Shockwave Player application is a plugins that are very important for the browser.

License Freeware
Developer Adobe Systems Incorporated
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Size 14.42 MB
File Type exe