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Audacity Version 2.3.0

Audacity Version 2.3.0

Audacity is software for recording and editing audio that is open source so that it can run on various operating systems and is easy to run.

Dominic Mazzoni wrote the original version of Audacity in 1999 when he was a research student at Carnegie Mellon University. Dominic wants to create a platform where to develop and debug audio processing algorithms. After this program was released as open source software, software developers became interested in this application. Gradually this software was changed, modified, maintained, tested, updated, documented and translated into other languages ​​by software developers for years.

With this application, we can correct certain sounds, or just add various effects provided, it is suitable for users or fans of Mixing songs.

This program is also used to cut sounds and mp3s, adding even converting to other file formats, including MP3, Ogg and Wave. Besides that, you can also create your own voice through a voice recorder

There are several functions that can be done by Audacity:

1. Make a Ringtone

2. Eliminating vocals

3. Slow / accelerate the tempo of the song / music

4. Combine two audio files

5. Record Sound

6. Eliminate noise

7. Minimize the size of mp3

8. Effect of fade out

Version 2.3.0
License Freeware
Developer Audacity Dev
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Size 25.45 MB
File Type exe