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AxCrypt Version 2.1.1573

AxCrypt Version 2.1.1573

AxCrypt is an easy-to-use free encryption software. It integrates with Windows Explorer so you can encrypt, compress, view descriptions, wiping and provide passwords to your important folders.

Have important files or folders on a computer that other people don't want to open? Don't worry, there are applications that can protect your important files or folders by encrypting. With AxCrypt your file or folder will be safe from ignorant hands who want to open or view your important files or folders.

You can use this software if there is something on your computer that you don't want others to see, whether it's your financial information, client files, trade secrets or even your personal and hobby photos. AxCrypt will make it easier for you to encrypt all types of files, ensuring that your sensitive data is safe from other people's eyesight.

By using 128-bit AES encryption and SHA-1 algorithms, making files or folders more secure and difficult to break down. Its use is also very easy, after the installation is complete, fill in your email to register (if you want to register). Next, open the folder that you want to encrypt then right-click and select "AxCrypt" then select "Encrypt". Fill in the password you want, then repeat the password that you entered earlier, then click "OK". After encryption of the folder or file is complete, it will form a new extension, namely .axx.

Version 2.1.1573
License Freeware
Developer Axantum Software AB
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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