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BatteryCare Version 0.9.32

BatteryCare Version 0.9.32

BatteryCare is software to optimize the use and performance of your laptop battery. It also functions to monitor the cycle of battery discharge and helps increase battery life and durability.

With bateraicare charging Laptop while carrying out activities without making the battery's age decrease or the battery capacity is excessive, causing leakage or damage because you will be given a signal when the laptop is fully charged and in accordance with the voltage generated.

Because the battery is one of the important parts in mobility at work, it would be nice to understand about the battery health conditions as completely as possible. These conditions include the rate of propagation of a battery, maximum capacity, the number of circulation charges that have been made, and so on.

BatteryCare feature:

1. Automatic Power Plans system can adjust battery power when your laptop uses high performance or when using power saving mode automatically when your laptop needs it.

2. Can monitor the temperature of the processor and hard disk so that users can also take immediate action if there is an overheat or high temperature.

3. If you are using Windows Vista / 7/8 there are aero facilities that can be activated to make it look more attractive.

4. With Auto Update, you don't need to have trouble downloading the new installer, when a new version is available, BatteryCare updates it automatically.

Version 0.9.32
License Freeware
Developer Filipe Lourenço
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Size 1.22 MB
File Type zip