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FastCopy Version 3.61

FastCopy Version 3.61

Fastcopy is a high-speed copy paste application that gives us complete control over file transfers based on file transfer operations one by one with binary code.

It is not surprising that users and software developers alike want to do everything related to computers faster. Copying or moving files from one location to another is the most common activity that often takes our time.

With simple descriptions and options, you can choose the file you want to copy to its destination. When you use this application, there are many choices that can be used. The speed can be adjusted as you like, and you can even not include the file you want when copying a complete folder. The ACL and Altstream options can be used to support copy procedures.

To start using it immediately, you only need to select the source and destination folder. Of course, there are several other options available, such as copying only files that differ in size or date.

Perhaps the biggest thing about FastCopy is that it also provides very useful details about the copying process, such as transfer rates, file rates and the total time needed to complete the operation. In this way, FastCopy provides something so you can monitor its performance.

Version 3.61
License Freeware
Developer IPMSG
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Type exe