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Firemin Version

Firemin Version

Firemin is an application to deal with memory leaks or too much memory / computer resource if you use the Mozilla Firefox browser.

In each Firefox release, they claim to have a better system memory optimization than before but the reality is different. Sometimes Firefox works fine but after a while the problem reappears even in normal browsing. If you use the hibernate option on your system, the problem will be more complicated. I have faced this problem when hibernating. When I will restore Firefox a crash occurs. We can solve most Firefox memory problems with the help of Firemin.

Internet lovers may already know that Firefox requires quite a lot of memory resources, by opening many tabs on Firefox it will require around 200 to 300MB of memory and this causes the computer to crash / hang.

This application uses a safe API function called EmptyWorkingSet which basically forces the process (in this case the Firemin) to use memory to a minimum. In other words, tell Firefox to retain a portion of system memory.

By installing Firemin on your computer and running it when using Firefox, Firefox memory usage can be reduced by up to 95%. Of which usually ranges from 400MB it can only be 3-15MB.

License Freeware
Developer Rizonesoft
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Type exe