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Google Drive Version 3.43.1584.4446

Google Drive Version 3.43.1584.4446

Google Drive is a cloud service from Google that provides online space to store all the data we have such as work files, PDF files, mp3s, photos and videos.

Google Drive itself is integrated with Google Docs, where files that have been on Google Docs are automatically stored on Google Drive. The size of the initial space provided for free is 5GB and there is an option to enlarge space up to 1TB with a monthly payment scheme. To get 100GB of space for example, the fees paid are more expensive than SkyDrive, but even then it is still cheaper than what is offered by Dropbox.

All can be done. You can access files from anywhere. At home, office, or even when you are away from your device, with this cloud-based storage media.

By storing files on Google Drive, the file owner can access the file anytime anywhere using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet computer or smartphone. And the file can be shared with other people to share and editing collaboration.

By using this program made by Google, it means that the file owner has backed up his files on the internet so that if something happens to the file stored on the computer or laptop, for example the file is damaged or lost or affected by a virus, or the computer / laptop is damaged can be used, then files that are on Google Drive remain safe and can still be accessed using other computers connected to the internet.

Version 3.43.1584.4446
License Freeware
Developer Google Inc
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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