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Google Earth Pro Version

Google Earth Pro Version

Google Earth is a software to see the surface of the earth, through imaging satellite images.

The benefits of Google Earth Pro are certainly very large. For example, you want to calculate the shortest mileage from 2 different routes. Example you have 2 alternative ways, and want to calculate which route is the closest. Or you like to exercise, and want to calculate how much distance you travel when running.

It can be used to calculate a distance, and the calculation of data from Google Earth is more appropriate because it uses real images via Satellite.

In fact, you can see the alley in front of your house using Google Earth. You can also see the depth of a sea using this software. The sea will be described in different colors according to its depth.

Some of the advantages of Google Earth:

1. Seeing the Picture of the World in the Past

2. Measuring Limits / Distance

3. Layer menu

4. Taking or Making Guided Tours

5. Play Flight Simulator

6. Make And View Maps

7. Building 3-Dimensional Buildings

8. Exploring the Ocean

9. Exploring Space

You can measure very long distances.

This ruler is a menu at the top of the window. After you have the tool open, draw a line between two points, and you will find a map of length, length of land and much more.

To register as a Pro, please enter your email address as a user name and license code: GEPFREE

License Freeware
Developer Google Inc
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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