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iSpy Version

iSpy Version

iSpy is cctv security monitoring software at home and office With the help of a web camera and microphone that records and detects every movement or sound.

Close Circuit Television Camera or CCTV Camera is very useful in an era full of crime like now, with CCTV cameras we can monitor places that we want to protect security, starting from homes, offices, parking lots or other strategic places that trigger a lot crime. Even buying CCTV is not cheap, but now there is a software that can use a webcam to be used as CCTV, iSpy.

Maximize your webcam functions at home. Don't just use it as a tool to chat. iSpy can help maximize webcam functions like a home security camera. You can monitor every move that is at home, which you are leaving. This application is very useful if you plan to go out of town, and leave home without guard.

iSpy has the ability to automatically record videos with a webcam when you leave. It has a motion tracker and scheduling that allows to record only when needed, and also has a feature to automatically upload videos recorded to the web, including YouTube to keep them safe from any attempts to delete them. You can even access the webcam remotely via the Internet.

License Freeware
Developer iSpyConnect
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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