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Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.8.3632

Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.8.3632

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a component needed by the Windows Operating System to run various applications that we usually encounter on newer systems from Windows itself.

In a programming application there are trillions of lines of code, the more complex a programming application, the more line codes. Microsoft then opened its bank program bundled in the Framework, this program contains basic programming that can be used by every programmer. So a programmer does not have to make from scratch a programming command, just by calling the programming that is already in the Microsoft .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is designed to meet the following objectives:

1. To provide a consistent work environment for object-oriented programming languages ​​both object code is stored and executed locally, or executed locally but distributed via the internet or executed remotely.

2. Maximizing the deployment software process and avoiding conflicts of use for the software version created.

3. To provide a safe work environment in terms of executing code, including codes made by third parties.

4. Reducing problems with performance issues from the code or from the interpreter environment.

5. Make developers easier to develop various types of applications that are more varied, such as windows-based applications and web-based applications.

6. Build all communications that exist within industry standards to ensure that all application codes based on the .NET Framework can integrate with various other application codes.

Version 4.8.3632
License Freeware
Developer Microsoft Corporation
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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