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Mozilla Thunderbird Version 60.3.1

Mozilla Thunderbird Version 60.3.1

Mozilla Thunderbird makes e-mail safer, faster and easier than ever, with features like spam filters, built-in spell checkers, extension support, and more.

The advantages of using Mozilla Thunderbird:

- Stop Junk Mail

Thunderbird provides the most effective tool for detecting junk mail. Our tool analyzes e-mail, and identifies junk e-mail. You can automatically delete or can be entered into the folder that you specify.

- Email display

Display e-mail as you want. E-mail access with a new three-column Thunderbird display. Customize the toolbar, change the appearance of the theme, and use Views Mail to quickly sort your e-mail.

- safe

Thunderbird provides enterprise and government class security features such as S / MIME, digital signing, message encryption, support for certificates and security devices.

- All In One

Thunderbird provides IMAP / POP support, support for HTML mail, labels, fast search, smart addressbook, re-receipt, advanced message filtering, LDAP address completion, import equipment, powerful searches, and the ability to manage multiple e-mail accounts and newsgroups.

- unlimited features

Thunderbird allows you to add additional features that you need through an extension. Help build a mail client that meets your specific needs.

Version 60.3.1
License Freeware
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Size 30.40MB
File Type exe