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Pale Moon Version 28.2.1

Pale Moon Version 28.2.1

Pale Moon is a browser customization from the FireFox browser. Script code based on the FireFox barcode that is made simpler and certainly faster for browsing.

Has an interface that is very similar to Firefox. But the difference feels when you are browsing, because this program only uses a little memory from our computer. So that the browser is up to 25% faster than Firefox.

This browser is built from the Firefox machine, aka using the Firefox basecode. So it looks not much different from this seasoned browser. Want to install themes, addons or extensions like Firefox, all can be done by this browser. 100% compatible with each other. This application is specially modified to be faster than Firefox. This is claimed on the official website that this Software is faster than 'the Fox' by consuming a small memory resource of course.

With Pale Moon you can also install themes, addons and extensions just like the Firefox browser.

Some of Pale Moon's Features & Strengths:

1. Very optimized for current processors.

2. Using 100% source from Firefox as a safe browser and has been developed for years.

3. Using lower memory.

4. Increase the speed for the image page and process the script from the web that is opened.

5. Support SVG and canvas

Version 28.2.1
License Freeware
Developer Moonchild Productions
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Size 33.69 MB
File Type exe