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Pokémon GO Version 0.127.2

Pokémon GO Version 0.127.2

Pokemon GO is a game that combines the real world with Augmented Reality with a mission to find pocket monster numbers that are scattered in several points with the help of smartphone GPS.

Pokemon that was popular in the '90s by Nintendo is now back in buming. This was triggered by the existence of the Pokémon GO Game which was recently loved by game enthusiasts. Games related to the use of GPS Geo-Tagging is a game that is carried out by walking in the real world to catch Pokemon.

Like the AR Ingress game which was also developed by Niantic Labs, this Android game encourages its players to actively move and explore their surroundings in order to hunt for a variety of Pokémon out there.

Every monster that you find is also randomized in a number of locations so that sometimes it can't be predicted. This game provides a Nearby Pokémon option to see what kind of monsters are around you.

When you encounter a monster, this game provides a kind of Pokéball throwing mini-game that utilizes AR camera interactions. How to catch it yourself is quite easy, all you have to do is hold your finger on the Pokéball to determine the strength of your throw and throw it towards the Pokémon.

The places chosen are locations that are often visited by the community. Usually, around places of worship, museums, historical sites, or places with unique architectural designs.

Version 0.127.2
License Freeware
Developer Niantic Inc
OS Android 4.4
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