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RegSeeker Version 4.7

RegSeeker Version 4.7

Regseeker is an application that we can use to optimize the windows registry so that the performance of the operating system will be more maximal.

The registry generally contains information and settings for all hardware, software, operating systems, non-system software and settings for each User.

The registry is divided into five directories each containing key words (keys) and keys (subkeys) which are arranged in an operating system hierarchy. Introducing you to a software that can help you find registry files, registry tweaks, and other features related to the registry.

If you uninstall a program or application through the Control Panel, a fault or error can occur so that there are still entries for the program left in the Windows Registry. If there are many invalid entries in the Windows Registry, then Windows can become slow or hang frequently. For this reason, you should clean or repair the invalid entries.

Registry in the Windows operating system becomes inefficient if we too often do the installation of new applications into the computer, because the installation process of an application / software will add a new key to the registry so that the byte size will swell and become heavier to be loaded by the operating system . this will get worse if the applications that have been unused (uninstalled) the key registry is still stored in the registry and not deleted during the uninstall process. by using regseeker we can search and delete the registry key in an easy and safe way, so it is useful to improve the performance of your computer or laptop.

Version 4.7
License Freeware
Developer HoverDesk
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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