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SUMo Version

SUMo Version

SUMo (Monitor Update Software) is Freeware to check all software installed on your laptop / computer so that it is always updated with the latest version.

For those of you who always want to have the latest software, this is the solution.

SUMo stands for Monitor Update Software. Software that serves to monitor the software installed on our computer is the latest version. SUMo will notify you if an update is available before you need to use your software. Just simply drag and drop the exe file you want to check for updates.

Software developers often release applications that they make to fix any existing program errors (bugs). Updating software is very important to get new features and programs that you use to feel better, as well as an increase in security against viruses. So, every software that is used daily and related to sensitive information must be up to date. In the Windows operating system itself there is an application built-in checker update to find out the latest version of a software.

Some SUMO Software Features:

- Detect the list of software you installed

- Detect what updates or patches from the software

- Can select software that is beta or not

- Ignore the list that you can enter the software that you want to know about the update

License Freeware
Developer KC Softwares
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Size 2.40 MB
File Type exe