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SynthFont Version 1.723

SynthFont Version 1.723

SynthFont is software for editing and playing midi files using sound source files such as soundfonts, GigaSampler files, SFZ files and many others.

Midi files are different from audio files, such as mp3, because in midi it does not contain audio data, but only a collection of notes and commands to play it.

Synthfont combines midi data and audio data on soundfont to generate (render) audio versions of songs.

With a relatively small file size, this software can be said to have capabilities that are quite reliable compared to similar software in its class. With various features available, this program is present in the form of a menu arrangement that is simple and easy to operate.

Supports the use of both VST effects and instruments. SynthFont has several basic Editing SoundFont capabilities and also shows MIDI data in Piano.

Advantages of SynthFont:

1. Making up to 32 MIDI tracks with a piano roll editor that is easy, simple and user friendly.

2. Enter the instrument sounds from Soundfont files and sound files in other formats. You can also set and edit soundfont. You can even make your own soundfont (you must first install Viena).

3. Using vst instrument as another alternative to soundfont.

4. Use several vst effects to add various audio effects.

Version 1.723
License Freeware
Developer Bohoohoofi
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Size 7.13 MB
File Type exe