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Win Toolkit Version

Win Toolkit Version

Win Toolkit is an application for creating your own Windows installation disk. Integrating Updates, Drivers, Themes, Wallpapers, Addons, Gadgets and removing things you don't want from a Windows installation disk.

You can use it to personalize Windows disks with the programs and drivers needed for computers / laptops. Which means you can make your own Windows installation as you wish and can add features or applications that you need.

Customizing Windows is intended to improve OS compatibility and reliability itself. By default, after installing Windows OS, maybe most users will find hardware compatibility issues and third-party software. The Win Toolkit application will facilitate the management or customization of the Windows OS.

For a network administrator who wants to make a Windows distribution with custom set of drivers and applications, All In One Integrator is a facility to select the disk image and WIM file you want to change. Can remove certain components such as the default wallpaper or game folder.

Advanced users can also use the Toolkit to combine 32-bits with 64-bit or to create a bootable USB drive. A pre-installation registry editor is also available if you need it.

License Freeware
Developer Legolash2o
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Size 5.88 MB
File Type 7z