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Winstep Nexus Version 18.10

Winstep Nexus Version 18.10

Winstep Nexus is a Dock Program that can access applications, folders, and documents that we use frequently with just one click, making working with multiple applications very easy, and even more fun.

By using this application, the display of your desktop will look beautiful, unique, elegant and also make it concise because all the icons will be in a single panel.

Computer users who use many applications at work often face difficulties, because to run an application and change from one application to another application is quite troublesome. To make things easier, they can use an additional interface in the form of a Dock. The Dock is an additional interface that provides an easy way to run and switch between multiple applications easily.

If you want to make arrangements then just right-click on the dock. Now you can also display new entries such as CPU Mater and the weather widget. There are also a series of internal commands that will deliver you to the home of Nexus Display including the system tray icon to run this application.

Some features of Winstep Nexus:

1. Display a list of applications that are being used in the Dock that can be set with grouping, filtering, and icon customization.

2. Display the system tray on the Dock as an individual or group icon.

3. Faint effects and attractive color effects on the background of the Dock.

4. Monitor active connections and bandwidth usage with the Net Meter module

5. Some mouse over effects, such as zoom, swing, bounce, and so on.

Version 18.10
License Freeware
Developer Winstep
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
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File Size 37.46 MB
File Type zip