Which One Should You Get?

When it comes to Chromebooks vs laptops, there are pros and cons to both. Chromebooks are more affordable than laptops, which is an attractive option for those who want a laptop primarily for leisure purposes (watching movies or playing games) rather than work-related activities like document editing or programming. Chromebooks tend to be less powerful than many of the most recent models of laptops on the market, but some Chromebooks can still run Android apps without glitches if you don’t need your laptop for gaming.

Chromebooks also offer a battery-life advantage, as Chromebooks can last for up to eight hours on a single charge. Chromebook’s lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and doesn’t require bulky hardware or software that could slow down your laptop. Chromebook is perfect for those who live a more mobile lifestyle but still need the functionality of an internet browser. Chromebooks are not the best option for heavy computing, as you can’t install many apps on them. Chromebook’s lack of ability to handle specific software makes it a better choice for leisure users looking to check email, shop online and read news articles.

– Chromebook is lightweight but lacks some hardware that laptops have

– Chromebook has limited access to apps

– Chromebook has no problem with light computing activities at home, like checking email and reading news articles. Chromebook is a good choice for leisure activities. Chromebooks have an easy user interface, so it’s great for kids who are just starting to use computers or people with minimal computer experience

– Laptops can do more than a Chromebook because they come loaded with an entire operating system that allows you to download programs like Microsoft Office. While Chromebooks make up about 60% of laptop sales in the US (statistics from May 2016), laptops still win out over Chromebooks when using applications other than what Chromebooks are built for.


Chromebooks can be great to use when doing simple tasks like writing documents, checking email and browsing the internet. Still, they aren’t as versatile when needing to utilize programs that require more heavy-duty processing power. Chromebooks work best in conjunction with Android apps on Google Play, allowing Chromebook users access to even more games and other light version software applications.




Chromebooks win out over laptops because of their affordability (you can get a decent one at £200-£250). Laptops will cost you hundreds more than that! In addition, they are easy to use straight out of the box, long battery life (12 hours!), and maintenance costs – laptop batteries need replacing every year or two while most Chromebook manufacturers offer warranties up to three years! You also never have cooling issues because Chromebooks don’t get hot. Chromebooks are also great for watching movies online, especially if you like to watch them in bed or on the couch (or under a blanket because it can be chilly) where your laptop might overheat and crash after about an hour of video streaming. Chromebooks are also great for students since you don’t need to carry these heavy devices around campus; Chromebooks weigh about three pounds.



A Chromebook is better than a laptop in many ways, cheaper, lighter and has lots of functions.  But for a machine that will do everything you need, you may be better off building up those muscles and purchasing a traditional Laptop.

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