The apps we use daily can help us maintain healthy and fit lifestyles. With apps like MyFitnessPal, Nike+ Running and Fitbit, you will be able to find the motivation and knowledge needed to get in shape! Read on to find out more about what apps you need and how they can help.

– Apps like MyFitnessPal allow users to log their food intake, daily activity and exercise. This will help individuals understand the foods they put in their bodies and stand for calories burned per day.

– Another app that allows fitness tracking is Strava. This app is popular among cyclists, runners and swimmers; it records distance, speed and time to help people keep track of their workouts.

– Apps that focus on weight loss can make healthy living easier for everyone who wants to lose some extra pounds or live a healthier lifestyle in general.



What apps are the best for working out?

How does it keep us healthy and fit?

What apps should you avoid?

These are all questions we should ask.  Apps can help people to stay active during their day. Many apps guide how much exercise is needed or recommended for someone of a certain age, weight etc. This enables them to track exactly what they have achieved each day rather than just estimating. Some apps also use gamification techniques where points are awarded to motivate users so that they want to earn more within a target period to move up the levels and unlock new features such as extra exercises or products/services related to health & fitness, which could be discounted at gyms etc., some examples include Nike’s running app – this uses GPS to track your running route and allows you to challenge yourself by trying for a personal best on specific routes or courses, the apps also have social elements where users can add friends if they want help keeping each other motivated. Fitstar – this app is designed more for going through workouts rather than taking people out jogging; however it does have some features which make use of the cameras in apps such as Apple Healthkit so that data from exercise equipment, including treadmills, can be linked with apps like fitstar which offers a range of workout plans.



Some apps may not be suitable due to age-related factors- ios devices allow parents/guardians set up restrictions on phone usage, meaning children cannot download apps without their permission.  Whilst android phones give detailed reports on apps downloaded and usage time. Apps that are overly addictive to children, such as a game, can be detrimental to their health if used too often or for too long periods.

– many apps encourage healthy eating patterns, but some apps do not have enough nutritional information about the foods listed within them, meaning they may mislead consumers who purchase items based on what is shown in the app without thoroughly checking it against other sources first. Another concern with these types of apps revolves around portion size. There is no guidance provided, so consumers don’t know whether one item would equal five portions or just two. Therefore, encouraging people to eat far more than necessary could overload their systems, leading them to gain weight rather than lose it!

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